15 Minute Stretching Workout by Suzanne Martin

By Suzanne Martin

No time to workout? No challenge! With fold-out workout charts and an workout DVD, the 15-Minute health sequence offers readers every little thing they should squeeze common workout periods into even the main annoying day. Stretching is without doubt one of the so much important-and such a lot neglected-components of each work out. With the 15 Minute Stretching exercise routine you could learn how to stretch like a professional!

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Start slow. Follow the exact instructions. Sometimes it’s helpful to brace your hands on a table and start there first to get the idea of the flow of the movement. Precision is best, but sometimes you just have to gyrate a bit first. My back doesn’t make a round shape like the model’s in the Alligator/Cat. What should I do? Have faith. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just by attempting the exercise and imagining the shapes you will begin, little by little, to loosen up your back. After just a few weeks, you’ll notice your back will feel better and you’ll be able to bend and move more easily in everyday life.

Lengthen your back so it is parallel to the floor, like a table top, then inhale, round your back, tuck your tailbone in, and look toward your navel. lift the abs 18 Exhale, lengthen your back, then sway your hips and head toward each other. Repeat on the other side, always inhaling as you round your back and exhaling as you take your hips and head toward each other. Repeat 1 more time each side. indd 30 86BB$'LQGG 16/2/09 22:36:18  opening arm fans 31 19 Arm fans Lie on one side, bend your legs, and lengthen your groin muscles toward your head.

Don’t force point the fingers inward 24 Sweep the chest across the floor, past center toward the other hand, then exhale and continue circling in the same direction as you round your back. Your shoulders should be describing an oval in space. Keep going in the same direction for 2 more ovals, then change direction and reverse for 2 more ovals. indd 39 86BB$'LQGG 24 ▲ Lengthening Shoulder ovals, page 33 16/2/09 23:25:20  wake up the stretch FAQs 40 The wake up the stretch program is excellent for beginners as well as for someone looking for a lighter, more gentle stretch.

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