500 AP Chemistry Questions to Know by Test Day by Mina Lebitz

By Mina Lebitz

Organized for simple reference and an important perform, assurance of all of the crucial subject matters offered as 500 AP-style questions with unique resolution explanations

5 Steps to a five: 500 AP Chemistry inquiries to understand through try out Day is adapted to fulfill your research needs—whether you may have left it to the final minute to arrange otherwise you were learning for months. you'll reap the benefits of going over the questions written to parallel the subject, layout, and measure of hassle of the questions inside the AP examination, observed by way of solutions with finished explanations.


  • 500 AP-style questions and solutions referenced to middle AP materials
  • Review factors for correct and fallacious answers
  • Additional on-line practice
  • Close simulations of the true AP exams
  • Updated fabric displays the most recent tests
  • Online perform exercises

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What is the value of ΔH°298 for reaction Z? (A) 90 kJ mol−1 (B) –90 kJ mol−1 (C) 172 kJ mol−1 (D) –172 kJ mol−1 (E) 213 kJ mol−1 266. Reactions for which the value of Kp will increase under greater pressure include which of the following? (A) X only (B) Z only (C) X and Z (D) The values of Kp decrease with increased pressure (E) None of the Kp values will increase 267. Reactions for which the value Kp will increase if the temperature is raised above 298 K include which of the following? (A) X only (B) Y only (C) Z only (D) X and Y only (E) Y and Z only 268.

C) The spark provides the heat of vaporization for the liquid fuel. (D) The spark supplies some of the energy to form the activated complex for the combustion reaction. (E) The spark provides an alternative stoichiometry for the reaction, decreasing the amount of oxygen required for complete combustion. 252. Which of the following processes demonstrates a decrease in entropy (ΔS < 0)? (A) Br(s) → Br(l) (B) I2(s) → I2(g) (C) Combining equal volumes of C2H6O2(l) and H2O(l) (D) The precipitation of PbI2 from solution (E) The thermal expansion of a helium balloon 253.

A greater electron affinity. III. a greater effective nuclear charge. (A) I only (B) II only (C) III only (D) I and III only (E) I, II, and III 22. Correct explanations for the increases and decreases in ionization energies between elements between atomic numbers 2 and 10 (and 11 and 18) include: I. There is repulsion of paired electrons in the p4 configuration. II. The electrons in a filled s orbital are more effective at shielding the electrons in the p orbitals of the same n than each other.

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