A Commentary on the Creed of Islam by Mas'ud ibn Umar Taftazani

By Mas'ud ibn Umar Taftazani

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If the question is raised because it is whether the sweetness and heat of a thing are not both together perceived by the tasting faculty, we reply in the negative; rather the sweetness ceived by taste and the heat by the sense of touch which mouth and is per- present in the the tongue. True narrative/that is form [a is is, that which is of] speech in relation to agreement with the fact, for narrative which there is something external with in which the relationship agrees, so it is true; or the relationship does not agree with it, and it is then false.

On this matter al-Taftazanl favors that the 88 the position of al-Nasafl. 11. The followers of 88 Al-Fiqh al-Akbar 85 Abu Muhammad, from (II), p. 48. Hanlfa, al-fiqh al-Atyar 87 Sec below, pp. 125 . 8* Musnad, (II), pp. 35 f- the nature of their religion, beIII, * Cf. , and 51 * 38 Sec below, p. 123. 134 88 Sec below, p. 126. INTRODUCTION xxx Allah has sent Messengers to mankind with good tidings, warning and people explaining to them what they need to know of this world and the Judgment. To what degree prophets might be liable to error in conveying lieve that message and in their conduct receives their consideration little the in Qur'an and Tradition.

This is in opposition to the tribute [of the tive This definition of theirs, although it includes the comprehension of the senses, provided only that the thing to be perceived senses; [24] and although it is not inaccessible to the also includes the things conceived [by Reason] provided only, as they claim, that the things to be conceived do not have it does not include the non-certainties of things asserted. contradictories; yet So much for their view. Accordingly the revelation of knower must be taken mean to an object to the a complete unveiling (al-intyshaf al-tamm) 8 [which has been identified with knowledge] and therefore precludes opinion 4 so that knowledge with them is to be contrasted with opinion.

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