A Companion to the Muslim World by Amyn B. Sajoo

By Amyn B. Sajoo

What precisely is the Qur'an? How does this awesome rfile -- actually ""recitation"" -- relate to the existence and instances of the Prophet Muhammad? And why did the faith of the Prophet, which got here to be referred to as ""Islam"" (or submission to God's will), on the heart of which lies the Qur'an, provide start to a legacy so richly different in religion, legislation and civilization? This immaculately researched, yet even as completely available, e-book deals a trip into the complete variety of expertise -- previous and current, secular and sacred -- of the peoples and cultures that proportion in Islamic culture. the amount examines a vast range of subject matters and subject matters. Poets, towns and the structure of mosques are as a lot part of its exploration because the function of technological know-how in trust, methods of examining scripture, the connection of ladies to the religion and the emergence of a ""digital community"" of believers. within the aftermath of September 11, the so-called ""war on terror"" and a brand new international geopolitics outlined via response and reaction to the perils of fundamentalism and extremism, it really is central to appreciate -- throughout all its frontiers -- what Islam is ready and what Muslims believe. A spouse to the Muslim World includes an enticing and coherent try by means of exotic students to contibute in the direction of that very important technique of comprehension.

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A Companion to the Muslim World

What precisely is the Qur'an? How does this remarkable record -- actually ""recitation"" -- relate to the existence and instances of the Prophet Muhammad? And why did the faith of the Prophet, which got here to be referred to as ""Islam"" (or submission to God's will), on the middle of which lies the Qur'an, provide start to a legacy so richly various in religion, legislation and civilization?

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Hodgson, The Venture of Islam (Chicago, 1974), vol. 3, pp. 440-441. IBT021 - A Companion to the Mulism World 12 10/6/09 16:41 Page 12 A Companion to the Muslim World the shahada or affirmation that there is only one God and Muhammad is His messenger; salat or daily recital of ritual prayers; zakat or the giving of alms; sawm or keeping the fast during the month of Ramadan; and hajj or the pilgrimage to Mecca. Along with these outward acts of submission – islam – the Gabriel hadith has the Prophet stating the importance of faith or iman, and virtuous conduct or ihsan done with the consciousness of God’s presence.

But in distributing your wealth out of love for God to your needy kin; to the orphans, to the vagrants and to the mendicants; it lies in freeing the slaves, in observing your devotions and in giving alms to the poor’ (2:177). Perhaps nowhere was Muhammad’s struggle for economic and social justice more evident than in the rights and privileges he bestowed upon the women in his community. Beginning with the un-Biblical affirmation that men and women were created together and simultaneously from a single soul (4:1; 7:189), the Quran goes to great lengths to emphasize the equality of the sexes in the eyes of God: God offers forgiveness and a great reward, For men who surrender to Him, and women who surrender to Him, For men who believe, and women who believe, For men who obey, and women who obey, For men who speak truth, and women who speak truth, For men who persevere, and women who persevere, For men who are humble, and women who are humble, For men who give alms, and women who give alms, For men who fast, and women who fast, For men who are modest, and women who are modest, For men who remember God, and women who remember God (33:35).

The crowd backs off, and Muhammad’s camel staggers forward a few more steps. It circles an abandoned burial ground now used for drying dates, then stops and kneels, lowering its neck for the Prophet to dismount. Of the owners of the land, Muhammad asks a price. ‘We do not want money for it’, the owners reply. ’ Grateful for their generosity, Muhammad orders the land to be levelled, the graves dug up, and the palm trees cut down for timber to build a modest home. He envisions a courtyard roofed in palm leaves, with living quarters made of wood and mud lining the walls.

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