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The search string may differ by a specified number of characters from the resulting matches. This utility is not part of the core Linux distribution. To search compressed files, use zgrep, zegrep, or zfgrep. These also work on non-compressed files, though slower than plain grep, egrep, fgrep. They are handy for searching through a mixed set of files, some compressed, some not. To search bzipped files, use bzgrep. look The command look works like grep, but does a lookup on a "dictionary", a sorted word list.

Then echo "Usage: `basename $0` pattern" exit $E_BADARGS fi echo for file in * # Traverse all files in $PWD. do output=$(sed -n /"$1"/p $file) # Command substitution. if [ ! -z "$output" ] # What happens if "$output" is not quoted? then echo -n "$file: " echo $output fi # sed -ne "/$1/s|^|${file}: |p" is equivalent to above. html (9 of 19) [7/15/2002 6:33:48 PM] Text Processing Commands done echo exit 0 # # # # Exercises: --------1) Add newlines to output, if more than one match in any given file.

A particularly useful option is -d, forcing double-spacing (same effect as sed -G). gettext A GNU utility for localization and translating the text output of programs into foreign languages. While primarily intended for C programs, gettext also finds use in shell scripts. See the info page. iconv A utility for converting file(s) to a different encoding (character set). Its chief use is for localization. recode Consider this a fancier version of iconv, above. This very versatile utility for converting a file to a different encoding is not part of the standard Linux installation.

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