Advances in UMTS Technology by J. C. Bic, E. Bonek

By J. C. Bic, E. Bonek

An in-depth evaluate of the common cellular Telecommunication process (UMTS) for telecommunications teachers, researchers, and communications specialists.

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Other conditions are given in detail in [19]. The average delay spread of the test course was approximately 1 psec. The test course first experienced clear two-path and 32 Improvements in W-CDMA single-path fading at the middle of the course. Then, three-path fading with unequal average power was observed at the end of the course. Figure 12 plots the measured average BER performance of the 32-kbps data rate user in the single-user and two-user cases (one-interfering user with a 64kbps data rate assuming the same BER independently employing fast TPC), as a function of the TPC target Eb/I0 value (note Eb/I0 is calculated as Eb/I0 = SIR 101og(3/2) dB, since convolutional coding with the rate of 1/3 and QPSK data modulation were used in the experiments) [19].

Therefore, we proposed in [18] an adaptive WMSA channel estimation filter, in which a weighting factor is adaptively controlled by measuring an inner product of the averaged despread pilot signals of successive slots. We evaluated the BER performance of coherent Rake combining with SIR based fast TPC in field experiments conducted in an area near Tokyo. 9 m off the ground, respectively. 35 km from the cell site at the average speed of approximately 30 k d h . The measurement course passes through a business zone, lined with office buildings and factories.

Let N i j and ANij be the number of coded data bits of transport channel i per radio frame with TFC j before rate matching and the number of bits per radio frame to be bit-repeated or punctured (the positive and negative values of A denote the bit-repetition and puncture), respectively. The value of Zij which is needed for the calculation of ANij is recursively computed from the following equations using the rate-matching attribute value, RM;. where Ndatajis the total number of bits per radio frame to be assigned to code the composite transport channel with TFC j and 1x1 denotes the integer value defined as x - 1 s 1x1 5 x.

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