Algebra for college students by Bernard Kolman; Arnold Shapiro

By Bernard Kolman; Arnold Shapiro

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X 57. -56. -2x 55. x - 5 x-1 In the following exercises evaluate the given expression when x -3, y -2. 60. 4x y-y 59. x - 2y 58. x + 2y 61. Subtract 3 from -5. 62. Subtract -3 from -4. 63. Subtract -5 from -2. 64. Subtract -2 from 8. 65. M. M. it is 2 °C below zero. How many degrees has the temperature dropped? 66. M. M. 67. A stationery store had a loss of $400 for its first year of operation and a Joss of $800 for its second year. How much money did the store lose for the first two years of its existence?

5 < x < 4, x a real number 4 5 -3 2 -I 0 4 PROGRESS CHECK 7 Graph the given inequality on a real number line. " If we let I represent the set of integers, we write A = {x E I 1 - 3 < x < 2} Each part of this symbolic expression has an explicit meaning. { read the set of all } read integers x xEI read such that -3 < x < 2 read x is between -3 and 2 EXAMPLE 8 If N is the set of natural numbers, the statement "the set of all natural numbers less than 17" is written in set-builder notation as {x E N I x < 17} PROGRESS CHECK 8 If N is the set of natural numbers, write the statement "A is the set of all odd natural numbers less than 12" in set-builder notation.

R the base is (a) In the expression In the expression ( - 5)( - 5)( -5)( -5) (e) none of these. (a) (b) (c) (b) (c) Carry out the indicated operations in each of the following. 17 19. -5 5 . 18. 24. 1 POLYNOMIALS 27. Which of the following expressions are not polynomials? (a) -3x2 + 2x + 5 (b) -3x2y (c) -3x21 3 + 2xy + 5 (d) -2x-4 + 2xy 3 + 5 28. Which of the following expressions are not polynomials? (a) 4x5 - x 11 2 + 6 (b) l x 3 + i x - 2 5 3 (c) 4x 5y (d) x41 3y + 2x - 3 Give the terms and coefficients for each given polynomial.

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