Annual Reports in Inorganic and General Syntheses–1974 by Kurt Niedenzu

By Kurt Niedenzu

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Higher yields of HC=C(Me), I 7 Si(Me) 2 «AAV Me2SiCl2 Mg ~(50-60°) HMPT or THF A (2) Me Me (40-60%) cyclic product were reported for reaction of hexatriene in the 40 ANNUAL REPORTS IN INORGANIC AND GENERAL SYNTHESES 1974 presence of Cu^Cl^ (26). The effect of solvent on the ring closure reaction has also been studied (27). Previous methods employed Na/THF and produced lower yields of the silacyclopentene . In contrast to other routes which require low temperatures partial silylation of gem-polychlor inated compounds with Me SiCl/Mg/HMPT can be accomplished under mild conditions (3060 , 15 to 40 hours) to give 10 to 80% yields of coupled product (29) .

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