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We think they may be planning to use him as a bargaining tool. Several days before Pathik came to you, Rachel, one of the Roberts was discovered near camp. He was injured—someone from his own camp had stabbed him, because he had decided to leave. ” “Had he seen my father? ” “He died shortly after we brought him here. But before he died, he told us that the Roberts had a stranger in a cage. He said they were going to trade him to the government. ” Indigo considered Rachel for a moment. ” Indigo frowned.

Nothing for Rachel to fear. So it was easier to trust her. The Others named their children after the gifts they developed, if they developed any. Pathik had explained to Rachel that not all the Others developed gifts, so they kept their common names—the names they were given at birth. Nandy was a common name, and because she had never developed a gift, Nandy kept it as an adult. Even Indigo had never shown any signs of a special talent from what Rachel understood, and he had kept his common name, which was chosen because of the unusual color of his eyes.

Bender. ” The boy kept his head down, but he shuffled his way forward until he was standing in front of Nandy. ” The boy raised his eyes and squinted at Nandy through dark lashes. He risked a sidelong glance at Rachel. ” He spoke so low Rachel could barely make out the words. “We’ve talked about this before, Bender. Remember our history lesson last week? ” Bender looked skeptical. ” Nandy sounded as pleased as if the child had solved some complex mathematical problem. “Some Regs are good. Remember how we learned about the collaborators?

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